Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kristines Shower- Bath and beauty products review

If you've never tried Kristine's Shower products, you're in for a pleasant surprise. First off, there are so many products and scents to choose from, you will have a hard time deciding what to buy. The scent list will help you decide what you want your products to smell like. Also there are 'sample' packages if you want to try a little of this and that, and awesome gift packages that are nice for sharing with your friends and family.
The products I sampled were a shea butter bath bomb, a bar of 100% handmade soap, and an aloe vera body whip.

When I tried the bath bomb, it fizzed delightfully in my tub, and seemed to last longer than other bombs I've tried. It turned the water a pale blue. The color and the fresh scent instantly helped me to relax after a long day. The shea butter and other natural ingredients in the bomb left my skin feeling  soft and smooth, and lightly scented for hours. I really love these.I keep a decorative gallon jar filled with these bath bombs in my scents the air and the colorful bath bombs look so pretty!

I also tried the 'Malibu Baby' scent 100% Handmade Soap. The soap lathered up well and smelled like coconut and bananas, a light, fruity and yummy scent. It left my skin well moisturized, without feeling greasy. I even used it on my face! I prefer handmade soaps over others because each bar is so pretty and unique.

Next I tried the Aloe Vera Body Whip in 'Splish-Splash', a clean, fresh scent, like the air when it rains. Aloe Vera gel is swirled throughout a creamy body cream.The ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil, which melted into my skin and felt great after a day outdoors in the sun. Aloe is a terrific way to give the skin the moisture it craves, and it doesn't leave a sticky mess like some aloe products out there.

There are so many other products to choose from also, such as Body Frosting, a sugar scrub that exfoliates and softens. I love products that do double duty:)  There is an entire line dedicated to mens products also, including scrubs and deodorizing soaps.

The items arrive nicely packaged and ready for gift-giving, but you may want to keep them all for yourself:)

Disclaimer/Disclosure -I have received these products free from the company/sponsor, in exchange for my review.