Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shark Navigator vacuum review

First off, I have 4 kitties. Daily vacuuming is a must! I'm so tired of these cheaply made 'disposable' vacuums. I was buying one every two years and they really did NOT do a great job on my carpets or stairs. My kids got me an early Christmas gift, a Shark Navigator!!  Now this is a vacuum! I am in love with the attachment for the stairs, wonderful job. Now to the carpets. This vac is so powerful it lifts the pile of the carpet and looks and feels like a new carpet!
And I love the purple color:) It also has a crevice tool and a brush thingy for drapes and furniture,etc. I love that it is maintenence free!! Yay! No belts or bags ever. That's right,EVER! It has an easy to empty dust cup and filters that can be washed out.
Yes, my 4 'furry children' is the reason I love my Shark:)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yankee Candle Review

I just received my 2 large yankee candles from my win on Sweeps4Bloggers!!  They are perfect for fall....

The 'Seasons Blessings' smells like a combo of fruit and spices.....the 'Harvest Welcome' smells like pumpkin and spice and everything nice:)

I love Yankee Candle because they burn clean and slow with no black smoke if you keep the wicks trimmed. I am so caandle obsessed, I have a closet dedicated to my candles! The best smelling closet in my house:)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

OOFOS sandal/flip flop review

My friend from Wisconsin won a pair of Oofos sandals/flip flops from Sweeps4Bloggers but sent them to me as a gift! Ladies, these are by far the most comfortable, squishy flip flops I have ever worn!! I went to a gathering recently and danced the night away wearing these sandals. My feet never got tired or sore! I love my Oofos!

Patriotic Party Cake

I decided to bake a 'patriotic' cake for a party. I used a white cake mix and just divided the batter and colored it with food coloring. I used a bundt pan. First I poured the red batter in the pan, then the uncolored (white) batter,ending with blue batter. I baked as directed and used some colored sugar sprinkles and red and blue M&M's to decorate. Here is the finished product:)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sisters Gourmet Cookie Mix Review

     I don't usually review products but sampling Sisters Gourmet cookie mix, I wanted to let folks know just how easy and yummy they were! Did I mention 'easy'? The entire mix comes layered in a big mason jar. It reminded me of the 'sand painting' we used to do years ago!

    All you do is add a few liquid ingredients and bake. The cookies I sampled were Hopscotch Cookies, a moist, chewy treat  packed with whole grain oats and butterscotch chips. The other variety I tried wasTriple Chocolate Chip. These had THREE kinds of chips including milk,dark, and white chips. I had a hard time not sampling them from the jar:) They baked up nice and chewy,gooey good.
Sisters Gourmet also makes cake mixes as well as special holiday mixes.
They've even included some baking tips on their website and a catalog request page.
     These  make perfect gifts for any occasion,for anybody. Everyone loves fresh baked cookies!