Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shark Navigator vacuum review

First off, I have 4 kitties. Daily vacuuming is a must! I'm so tired of these cheaply made 'disposable' vacuums. I was buying one every two years and they really did NOT do a great job on my carpets or stairs. My kids got me an early Christmas gift, a Shark Navigator!!  Now this is a vacuum! I am in love with the attachment for the stairs, wonderful job. Now to the carpets. This vac is so powerful it lifts the pile of the carpet and looks and feels like a new carpet!
And I love the purple color:) It also has a crevice tool and a brush thingy for drapes and furniture,etc. I love that it is maintenence free!! Yay! No belts or bags ever. That's right,EVER! It has an easy to empty dust cup and filters that can be washed out.
Yes, my 4 'furry children' is the reason I love my Shark:)